Our members come from all sectors of New York City. What joins them together is a commitment to New York's greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, and a desire to position New York City as a leader on climate change.

Joining the NYC Climate Action Alliance is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in addressing climate change by connecting your actions with those of others. Alliance membership is a visible way to show support to New York City in achieving its carbon reduction goals through a non-partisan, solutions-oriented coalition aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the New York metropolitan region. Alliance members have the opportunity to gain support from other members, make new connections and exchange learnings on methods to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. Working together through the Alliance helps raise public awareness about climate change and demonstrates that members are willing to work across silos to address an issue that, if not dealt with effectively, will harm our community.

We ask that our Alliance members find their own ways, with our support, to take meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to further the conversation about climate change. We do not require any financial commitment or change to existing policies or programs on climate change or greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

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